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Report: unlocking the growth potential in European capital markets

This report outlines an ambitious vision of game-changing growth in European capital markets. It underlines the wide range in the size and depth of markets across the EU and highlights the potential benefits of deeper capital markets to the European economy in concrete and practical terms.

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Report: What are stock exchanges for? And why should we care?

This report analyses the changes in the world of stock exchanges, equity markets and the new issue market over the past 50 years. It highlights the vital role that stock exchanges play in the economy, analyses the main drivers of the significant changes over the past few decades – and suggests how we can get exchanges back on track.

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Report: Diversity from an Investor’s Perspective 2019

This report looks at why and how the most forward-looking asset owners (such as pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds) are addressing diversity and inclusion.  Their opinions count – as an essential source of capital for financial markets, the needs and actions of asset owners have a big impact on how the whole system operates.


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Report: HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter Annual Review

The UK government launched the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter in March 2016 to encourage the financial services industry to improve gender balance in senior management. The Charter now has over 330 signatories covering 800,000 employees across the sector.

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Report: Brexit & the City – the impact so far

March 2019 • Ecommerce reports • Brexitby William Wright, Christian Benson & Eivind Friis Hamre

This report provides the most comprehensive analysis yet of the impact of Brexit on the City and the wider banking and finance industry. More than 250 firms in banking and finance have moved or are moving business, staff, assets or legal entities away from the UK to the EU – and these numbers are likely to increase significantly in the near future.


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Report: Diversity & culture

January 2019 • Driving diversityby Olivia Seddon-Daines, Yasmine Chinwala & Jennifer Barrow

While culture and diversity have both moved up the agenda of the financial services industry, most firms treat them as distinct issues with discrete initiatives and separate reporting lines. Our analysis finds diversity and culture are closely interconnected and that a more holistic approach to both would yield better – and faster – results. Diversity and Culture analyses the differences and similarities in how companies approach diversity and culture and why it matters.

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Report: the New Financial global capital markets growth index

January 2019 • Unlocking capital marketsby William Wright, Panagiotis Asimakopoulos & Eivind Friis Hamre

Our unique index analyses the size, depth and growth potential of capital markets in 60 countries around the world across 25 different sectors of activity. It shows that capital markets in the US are by far the largest in the world today and are nearly twice the size of markets in Asia and Europe. But capital markets in Asia and emerging markets are catching up fast – and are set to dominate the potential growth in global capital markets in the coming decade.

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Report: the impact of capital markets on people’s everyday lives

October 2018 • Ecommerce reports • The role of marketsby William Wright, Christian Benson & Eivind Friis Hamre

This unique report analyses the the impact of capital markets on people’s everyday lives through the lens of the economy in the North West of England. The report shows what goes on in the City of London is far more relevant to the everyday lives of millions of people living in the region than most people in the City or the North West would expect – and we hope that it encourages the industry to think differently about its role and impact.

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Report: the New Financial international financial centres index

September 2018 • Ecommerce reports • Brexitby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos

Our unique index measuring the value of domestic and international banking and financial markets activity across nearly 30 metrics in nearly 50 countries shows that the US is by far the world’s top financial centre with the UK taking the second place – well ahead of other European countries.

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Report: diversity in portfolio management

September 2018 • Driving diversityby Olivia Seddon-Daines & Yasmine Chinwala

There is broad consensus that diverse voices enhance investment performance by increasing diversity of thought, which improves decision-making and investment idea generation while guarding against groupthink. But the industry has a long road ahead to cultivate the diverse workforce that can bring all these benefits. This report identifies the practical barriers to diversity in portfolio management, analyses what individual firms are doing to address these challenges – and highlights how the industry can work together to accelerate change.

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Report: Understanding the gender pay gap in banking and finance

July 2018 • Ecommerce reports • Driving diversityby William Wright

Our unique analysis of the gender pay gap data at nearly 400 firms from across the financial services industry highlights the wide range in the pay gap, bonus gap, and levels of female representation in different sectors of the banking and finance industry – and sets a benchmark to measure future progress.

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Report: what is the purpose of asset management?

April 2018 • Making a better case for capital marketsby William Wright

The asset management industry is a huge, important and growing industry, that plays a vital economic and societal role in managing risk and return for its customers and in allocating capital. But it can often be distracted from its underlying purpose of serving is customers by the structure of the industry, misaligned incentives, and its reliance on modern portfolio theory. In an important recent paper, Jon Lukomnik and Jim Hawley explore the underlying purpose of asset management, and how to reconnect the industry with that purpose.

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Report: the size, depth & growth opportunity in EU capital markets

March 2018 • Ecommerce reports • Unlocking capital marketsby William Wright & Panagiotis Asimakopoulos

Most sectors of the capital markets in the EU have shrunk relative to the size of the economy over the past decade – and the gap in the depth of capital markets with the US has widened. This report highlights the urgent need for action to boost capital markets in the EU – particularly after Brexit – but shows that there is a huge growth opportunity for capital markets in Europe.

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A New Year rehab programme for the City of London

January 2018 • Unlocking capital marketsby William Wright

The recent attack on the City by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – and the public comments by a bank chief executive on bankers’ bonuses and populism – show that 10 years on from the financial there are few signs of mistrust and anger with the industry going away. If the industry wants to bridge the gap with the rest of society it should start by talking about itself in a different way.

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Report: A transition to Brexit – deal or no deal?

November 2017 • Brexitby William Wright & Panagiotis Asimakopoulos

The main benefit of a transition period is that it would reduce the risk of a ‘cliff-edge’ Brexit and buy more time for the UK and EU to negotiate a better long-term deal, but we think it is unlikely that any agreement can be reached early enough to prevent firms relocating significant numbers of staff.  The good news is that an agreement on a transition period would be possible later next year – but only if the UK government changes direction in its negotiation strategy, and soon.

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Report: Diversity from an Investor’s Perspective

October 2017 • Ecommerce reports • Driving diversityby Olivia Seddon-Daines & Yasmine Chinwala

Diversity is firmly on the corporate agenda. New Financial’s latest report  looks for the first time at what asset owners (such as pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds) are doing on the diversity front. We analysed 100 asset owners globally with combined assets of $8 trillion to find out why and how they are approaching diversity – and how this affects asset managers.

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Report: a decade of change in capital markets

October 2017 • Ecommerce reports • Unlocking capital marketsby William Wright & Panagiotis Asimakopoulos

The shadow of the financial crisis has dominated the banking and finance industry for nearly a decade. This report measures the concrete impact of the crisis on 16 sectors of the capital markets industry – from investment banks and asset managers, to exchanges, trading volumes and regulation – and highlights which sectors have suffered, which have weathered the storm, and which have flourished.

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Brexit & the City: missing the bigger picture on jobs

September 2017 • Brexitby William Wright

Brexit could have a significant impact on recruitment and jobs in the City of London – not least by highlighting structural challenges that will have a far bigger impact on the industry in the longer-term Another week, another set of numbers that send completely contradictory messages about the impact of Brexit on the City of […]

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CMU 2.0: what next for capital markets union?

July 2017 • Unlocking capital marketsby William Wright

Capital markets union, the EU’s flagship initiative to boost capital markets in Europe and reduce the economy’s reliance on bank lending is three years old. This report analyses the progress so far, the impact of Brexit, and the shift in direction in CMU 2.0, (the revised version of the project that was published last month) – and suggests some more radical longer-term measures to build bigger and better capital markets in Europe.

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HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter: Signatories Survey 2017

July 2017 • Driving diversityby Yasmine Chinwala

HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter launched in March 2016 and now has more than 140 signatories. Our latest report is based on a survey of more than 80 firms that have signed up and assesses the concrete impact of the Charter is having on how they approach diversity, the benefits they are experiencing – and the challenges they face in meeting their Charter commitments.

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Counting Every Woman 2017: making progress on gender diversity in the capital markets

June 2017 • Driving diversityby Yasmine Chinwala

The debate around gender diversity at the most senior levels in the corporate world has shot up the agenda in recent years – but for all the talk, how much progress has been made in the financial services sector? New Financial’s latest research on female representation on boards and executive committees across European capital markets shows a significant improvement in female representation on boards and excos – and the numbers are heading in the right direction across the industry.

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‘What the rest of the EU thinks about Brexit & The City of London’

April 2017 • Brexitby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos & William Wright

Much of the debate around the impact of Brexit on the City of London and the financial services industry across Europe has been UK-centric. So we’ve read, sifted and summarised hundreds of speeches, articles and reports to identify what the rest of the EU really think about it. This report summarises the main priorities, concerns and negotiating positions of policymakers and regulators in each of the 27 member states who will be  on the other side of the negotiating table from the UK over the next few years – and sums up what’s at stake.

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Report on ‘What have the capital markets ever done for us? And how could they do it better?’

March 2017 • Unlocking capital marketsby William Wright

To people who work in and around the financial industry it is self-evident that capital markets play a vital role in channelling investment into the economy to help drive growth and prosperity. But to most people outside of the industry, what capital markets do and the value of what they provide is less obvious, particularly given the shadow of the financial crisis. This report aims to address that disconnect.

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Brexit and the City: a 10-point reality check

February 2017 • Brexitby William Wright

The problem with chasing your tail is that you can lose sight of where you are heading without getting any closer to where you want to be.  Over the past six months much of the City of London and financial services industry in the UK has been locked in an often circular argument about the potential impact of Brexit on their business and how to adapt to it. Here is a short 10-point reality check on the impact of Brexit.

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