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Growing a culture of social impact investing – dinner with Elizabeth Corley

14 May 2019• Making markets work better • Private Dinner • Elizabeth Corley

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This private dinner with Elizabeth Corley, Senior Advisor at Allianz Global Investors, will focus on discussing the work of the implementation taskforce on growing a culture of social impact investing in the UK.

The taskforce was commissioned by the Prime Minister in March last year to drive forward the recommendations that an advisory group led by Elizabeth had published in November 2017.

These recommendations focused on five key areas:

– Make it easier for people to invest.

– Improve deal flow and the ability to invest at scale.

– Strengthen competence and confidence within the financial services industry.

– Develop better reporting of non-financial outcomes.

– Maintain momentum and build cohesion across initiatives.

The taskforce now has more than 50 signatories and more than 150 people from across the industry supporting its work in different working groups.

This discussion for senior executives in the asset management industry will focus on the progress so far on social impact investing; the challenges, obstacles and opportunities ahead; and the big levers that the industry can pull to accelerate change.

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Location: 23 Grafton St, London, W1S 4EY

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