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How not to talk about banking and finance – dinner with Lord Hill of Oareford

1 February 2017• Rebuilding trust • Private dinner • Lord Hill of Oareford

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The banking and finance industry is very good at talking about the risks of more regulation. But it is not always as good at outlining the value and purpose of what it does, and its impact on society and individuals.

At this private dinner for senior executives, Lord Hill of Oareford, the former European Commissioner for financial stability, financial services and capital markets union, will draw on his experience in Brussels to discuss how not to talk about banking and finance. In particular, he will discuss some of themes he outlined in many of his speeches while he was a commissioner, including this extract from a speech in the US in 2015:

…But to be seen as part of the mainstream, the financial sector has to change too. In the wake of the crisis and the scandals we sadly keep seeing, there is a big job to be done in rebuilding trust. I know you don’t want ever more prescriptive regulation matched by ever larger compliance teams. And nor do I. But then there needs to be a change in values and culture and a reconnection with society, businesses and the customers you serve. If you can do that, you will find in me someone who will champion the contribution you make to growth and jobs…


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Location: 23 Grafton St

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