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‘Investment Unleashed’ with Pension Insurance Corporation

10 March 2022• Unlocking capital markets • Private breakfast

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A private in-person event to discuss the latest report from Pension Insurance Corporation ‘Investment Unleashed’ as part of the Purpose of Finance initiative.

The report analyses the concrete benefits to the economy and to individuals of the potential increase in long-term investment that could be unlocked from the reform of Solvency II.

This will be a big picture discussion of this hugely important theme and will focus on:

  • the need for more long-term investment and patient capital in the UK (building on our work on ‘unlocking productive investment’)
  • investment in the context of the Levelling Up White paper
  • framing the political debate in concrete, tangible, and accessible terms
  • focusing on the purpose and social value of the banking and finance industry

Guests will be a combination of senior executives in insurance, pensions and asset management, as well as policy specialists and relevant policymakers.

New Financial events are by invitation only – for more information please contact: events@newfinancial.org

Location: London

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