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Launch of ‘What have the capital markets ever done for us? And how could they do it better?’ – PR & comms

3 March 2017• Unlocking capital markets • PR & comms breakfast

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‘But apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health – what have the Romans ever done for us?’

Monty Python – Life of Brian

This event is part of a series of launch events for senior executives, policy and regulation specialists, and PR & comms, to discuss our latest report, inspired by Monty Python, on ‘What have the capital markets ever done for us? And how could they do it better?’

The argues that capital markets play a vital role in channeling investment into the economy to help drive growth and prosperity. In the UK, more than £4 trillion of capital is invested in capital markets through the pension funds, insurance policies and individual savings of more than 30 million people. Last year, companies in the UK raised more than £300bn in capital in the bond, loan and equity markets.

But what capital markets do and the value of what they provide can seem complex and confusing. And since the financial crisis, the role of capital markets has been overshadowed by controversy. New Financial believes that the UK and Europe need bigger and better capital markets to help drive their recovery and growth. We also believe that there is a big opportunity for the industry to get on the front foot and make a clearer and more constructive case for the value and purpose of what it does.

In this report we aim to demystify what capital markets do, outline how different sectors of the industry operate and how they fit together, and analyse what value they deliver to end users, to the economy, and to society. We also look at how capital markets have responded to some of the criticisms they have faced from regulators, policymakers and the wider public, and we review some of the main challenges they face.

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Location: 23 Grafton Street

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