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Policy breakfast on the competitiveness of the UK post-Brexit

6 February 2020• Policy • Private breakfast

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A private breakfast to discuss ‘In light of Brexit, what can the UK do right now to make the framework for business & financial services as competitive as possible?’

This breakfast will effectively be a brainstorming exercise to feed into a big report we are publishing in a few months on the future of UK and European capital markets in a global context.

Some of the key issues for discussion will be:

  • Which aspects of the UK / EU framework today act as a drag on competitiveness?
  • What scope is there to redraw that framework to improve competitiveness?
  • What would you like to change and why?
  • What are the most obvious big levers to pull?
  • What will be the political constraints?

Some of the topics may include: tax, supervision and regulation, immigration, investing in infrastructure, trade promotion, and institutional reform in government.

New Financial events are by invitation only – for more information please contact: events@newfinancial.org

Location: 23 Grafton St, London W1S 4EY

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