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The future of capital markets union – workshop series (3 / 10 / 18 July)

3 July 2019• Unlocking capital markets • Policy breakfast

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Depending on your view, CMU is either an ambitious project to map the challenges facing capital markets in the EU and lay the foundations for further growth in the decades ahead – or a missed opportunity for reform that avoids the difficult questions and that will do little more than tinker at the edges of the problem.

As we approach the end of term for the current European Commission, New Financial is hosting a series of workshops with market participants to feed into a report later this year on ‘CMU 3.0: what next for capital markets union?’

Wednesday 3rd July

A breakfast workshop focused on the headline policy issues around CMU

Wednesday 10th July

A breakfast workshop on the pensions, investments and asset management aspects of CMU

Thursday 18th July

A breakfast workshop on the market infrastructure, exchanges and trading aspects of CMU

The main topics for discussion at each workshop will include:

* the concrete progress made by CMU so far

* the main barriers and stumbling blocks

* the impact of Brexit on CMU

* a new set of priorities for CMU

* how to corral support from EU policymakers, national authorities, and market participants

* drafting a renewed manifesto for CMU for the next five to 10 years under a new European Commission and new European Parliament.

The participants at each workshop will be specialists in policy, government affairs and regulation.

For reference, you can read our ‘half-term report’ on ‘CMU 2.0: what next for capital markets union?’  from mid-2017 here

And you can read our latest report on ‘Unlocking the growth potential in European capital markets’ here



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Location: 23 Grafton St, London, W1S 4EY

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