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The future of finance – private dinner with Huw van Steenis

26 June 2019• Making a better case for capital markets • Private Dinner • Huw van Steenis

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This dinner that we are hosting with Huw van Steenis will focus on the forthcoming report on ‘The future of finance’ that Huw is working on for Bank of England Governor Mark Carney.

Huw was appointed last year as a special adviser to Governor Carney and as part of that role he is leading a big project for the Bank on the future of finance that is set to be published this summer. The report has involved a widespread consultation across the industry and around the country on the potential impact of some of the megatrends shaping banking and finance including:

– The impact of technology on payments, infrastructure and intermediaries

– The role of big data

– The impact of demographic shifts and ageing

– What climate change and ESG means for customers and the industry

– The future of the UK in the global financial system

These are big topics and we will refine the main themes for discussion closer to the event. The dinner will be an opportunity to think big thoughts and feed directly into the report.

We expect the guests to be senior bankers, asset managers and policymakers.

Huw van Steenis is one of the most intelligent observers of banking and finance: he spent nearly 20 years as an financials analyst at JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley, before joining Schroders as head of group strategy and then the bank in his current role. He is a regulator commentator on the industry in the FT and other media.

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Location: 23 Grafton St, London, W1S 4EY

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