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‘The impact of capital markets on people’s everyday lives’ PR & comms breakfast series

12 July 2018• Making a better case for capital markets • Private Breakfast

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We think this is our most important report yet: we set out to analyse the relevance of capital markets to people’s everyday lives in the form of a report on the role that capital markets play in supporting the economy of the North West of England. While the report is focused on the North West, it could be about the impact of the capital markets in any region: in American parlance, it’s about bridging the gap between Wall St and Main St.

Our analysis looks beyond the important role that banking and finance plays as a significant employer in the region and focuses on the role capital markets play in helping finance companies that are based in or operating in the region, the role it plays in managing people’s pensions, and in supporting everyday business.

 The report (which we expect to publish by the end of June) shows that what goes in ‘the City’ is far more relevant to a region like the North West than many people – both in the region and in the City – might expect, and points to a different way of talking about the industry. It’s involved a huge amount of work over the past nine months and we’re very grateful to Barclays for supporting it.

 This breakfast for senior PR & comms professionals will help shape our work in this area over the coming year, including:

Why is it important that the banking, finance and capital markets industry make the case for what it does and talks about itself in the right way?

Do politicians and the public understand what ‘the City’ does and how it affects their daily lives? Why should they care about what happens in the City?

Which elements of the report could be incorporated into how the industry makes its case? Which elements of the report could be improved?

How does the industry / different sectors talk about what they do today? Is this approach working?

What messages work with different audiences?

New Financial events are by invitation only – for more information please contact: info@newfinancial.eu

Location: 23 Grafton Street, London W1S 4EY

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