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The politics of Brexit: the Dutch perspective – dinner with Simon Smits, the Dutch Ambassador to the UK

26 June 2017• Brexit • Private dinner • His Excellency Simon Smits

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Much of the debate in the UK over the past year about the potential impact of Brexit on the City of London and European financial markets has inevitably been UK-centric. Too little attention has been paid to what the other 27 member states of the EU think – and why.

This dinner with His Excellency Simon Smits, the Kingdom of the the Netherlands’ Ambassador to the UK, on the Dutch perspective on the politics of Brexit will explore the wider politics of Brexit and is part of a series of events we are hosting this year with speakers from different EU27 member states (we have also lined up speakers from France, Ireland, Germany and Luxembourg).

For backround, please read our report on ‘What the rest of the EU really thinks about Brexit and the City of London’. It’s a detailed summary of the main concerns, priorities and positions of policymakers in each of the EU27 member states when it comes to the future of the City and of financial services in Europe on the other side of Brexit.

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Location: 23 Grafton Street

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