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The Reputation Game: PR & comms breakfast with David Waller and Rupert Younger

24 October 2017• Setting an example • PR & comms breakfast • David Waller & Rupert Younger

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David Waller and Rupert Younger will discuss their new book The Reputation Game – the Art of Changing How People See You’.

The discussion will focus specifically on how the main themes in their book apply to banking and finance, such as: what is reputation? Why does it matter? How is reputation different from PR, brand & marketing? How can firms manage different reputations with different constituencies at the same time? And how are reputations are created, sustained, destroyed and – sometimes – rebuilt? There are more details on the book and the authors below.

The audience will be heads of PR and comms from across the capital markets.

‘The Reputation Game – the Art of Changing How People See You’.

We are all playing the Reputation Game, whether we know it or not. Understanding how you get the reputation you want, and how you avoid the reputations that you don’t, has never been more important. A good reputation helps us to find a soulmate, sell a table on eBay, rent out a room on Airbnb, get invited to parties or secure a new promotion. You can try to ignore what others say about you or you can choose to learn the rules and discover that the potential benefits are unlimited.

Reputation can’t be owned or managed – not by an individual, an organization or the media professionals they employ. Instead, it is a gift of trust bestowed upon us by customers, colleagues, fans or friends. So how is it that VW suffered a huge blow in the wake of the emissions scandal, but their cars are still hugely popular? How has Pope Francis begun to rebuild the name of the Catholic Church after a series of damaging scandals?

Through pioneering research and interviews with a host of major figures ranging from Jay-Z and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman to Bernie Madoff and Man Booker Prize-winner Hilary Mantel, the authors reveal the key mechanisms that make and remake our reputations, providing the essential guide to the most important game in business and in life.

David Waller is a partner in a global consulting firm where he specialises in developing and executing strategic communications programmes for international companies, financial institutions and governments. A former journalist with the Financial Times, he has also written a number of well-reviewed business and history books.

Rupert Younger is founder director of the University of Oxford’s Centre for Corporate Reputation, where he researches how reputations are created, sustained, destroyed and rebuilt. He is also co-founder of the Finsbury Group, the global strategic communications firm headquartered in London.

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Location: 23 Grafton Street

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