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What next for capital markets union? – private breakfast with Tatyana Panova, head of CMU at DG FISMA

3 July 2019• Making a better case for capital markets • Private Breakfast • Tatyana Panova

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CMU has been one of the flagship initiatives of the EU over the past five years, but after an initial burst of activity and ambition, the project has lost momentum and a sense of direction. This event is part of a series of workshops that we will be hosting over the summer on the theme of ‘reinventing CMU’, leading to a report in September.

The main topics for discussion will include:

– the concrete progress made by CMU so far

– the main barriers and stumbling blocks

– the impact of Brexit on CMU

– a new set of priorities for CMU

– how to corral support from EU policymakers, national authorities, and market participants

– drafting a renewed manifesto for CMU for the next five to 10 years under a new European Commission and new European Parliament.

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Location: 23 Grafton Street, London W1S4EY

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