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What’s on your mind: policy priorities in 2023’

12 January 2023• Capital markets • Private Breakfast

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The focus of this event will be to discuss key themes in capital markets policy and regulation in the year ahead and where your company priorities lie. It will also be an opportunity to meet and hear from your peers and share ideas on our upcoming research and events programme around our core themes:

• Rebooting UK capital markets: the future of Big Bang 2.0? What happens next after the Financial Services & Markets Bill? The digital transformation?
• Reforming EU capital markets: the outlook for CMU? The post-Brexit relationship between the EU and UK? Building capital markets in the EU from the bottom up?
• ESG and sustainable finance: what does ESG 2.0 look like? How can capital markets help the transition to net zero? Putting the S back into ESG?
• The politics of capital markets: making a better case for capital markets? Labour and the City?

New Financial events are by invitation only – for more information please contact: events@newfinancial.org

Location: 1 Duchess Street, London W1W 6AN

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