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Widening retail participation in equity markets

13 July 2022• Rebooting UK capital markets post Brexit • In-person workshop

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This in person workshop will focus on the value of retail participation in public equity markets, why it matters, and how the industry and government can leverage different aspects of technology to increase it. The discussion will directly inform a report that we are producing in partnership with Euroclear and PrimaryBid.

This will be a wide-ranging and open-ended discussion around some of the following themes:

• What is retail engagement and why does it matter?
• What is the value of retail engagement in equity markets?
• What are the potential risks around greater retail participation?
• What are the main barriers (technological, regulatory, structural) to wider retail participation?

We expect the participants will be a combination of those that work in government, public, and regulatory affairs who have a link to retail investment, retail specialists from the regulators, and senior people working at retail investment platforms.

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