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At the heart of New Financial is a managed programme of private dinners, briefings and workshops. We provide a private forum for senior individuals with different perspectives from across the industry – investors, issuers, banks, and government – to work together to address common challenges.

Roundtable with Lord Hill on the UK Listings Review

19 January 2021• Making a better case for capital markets • Virtual Event

New Financial is delighted to host a series of virtual roundtables with Lord Hill to discuss and feed into the UK Listings Review. Tuesday 19th January – The asset management/ investor perspective Wednesday 20th January – The investment bank/ broker perspective Topics for discussion will include: Exploring the different perspectives on how to unlock more […]

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Developing disability data

13 January 2021• Driving diversity • Virtual event

The pandemic has led to a rethink of diversity data across multiple areas – including disability. At this session we will discuss what more granular self-reporting around the breath of what might be included under the umbrella of “disability” might look like, in order to help organisations more accurately identify where more positive action may […]

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Beyond Brexit: the future of UK banking & finance’

25 November 2020• Brexit • Virtual Event

With less than two months to go until the UK officially leaves the transition period, this event will focus on the options ahead for the UK on the other side of Brexit. In our report we included a ‘playbook’ of 25 recommendations in four key areas on how the UK can respond to Brexit, including: […]

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The Covid crisis, pay and bonuses – event series

10 November 2020• Rebuilding trust • Virtual Event

We think pay and bonuses for 2020 across the industry will be trickier than ever to calculate and could cause significant problems for the industry from a political and PR perspective. This event series involves three separate workshops that will focus on the HR perspective, the political perspective, and the PR & comms perspective. Our […]

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Diversity data – Developing a culture of self-reporting

3 November 2020• Driving diversity • Virtual Event

Recent events have renewed focus on gathering diversity data points that require self-reporting. We have heard repeatedly from members that a data refresh is a priority action point. At this event, we will hear from a couple of organisations (including Emma Holden, global head of HR at Schroders) that are in the throes of developing […]

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Bringing diversity and inclusion criteria into pay

22 October 2020• Diversity • Virtual Event

We know from our work as HM Treasury’s data partner on the Women in Finance Charter that linking diversity targets to pay is the most controversial and the most secretive of the four Charter principles. This session explores how financial services companies are bringing diversity and culture criteria into how staff get paid, and how […]

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Developments in Banking and Capital markets union – a perspective from the German Council presidency Dr Jörg Kukies

14 October 2020 • Virtual Event • Dr Jörg Kukies

New Financial is delighted to host guest speaker Dr Jörg Kukies, State Secretary in the German Finance Ministry, to discuss ‘Developments in Banking and Capital markets union – a perspective from the German Council presidency’. Dr Kukies is responsible for financial markets policy and European policy at the Federal Ministry of Finance – and Germany […]

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Driving growth: how EU capital markets can support a post-Covid recovery with Nicolas Véron

30 September 2020• Capital markets • Virtual Event

We’re delighted to be joined by Nicolas Véron, visiting fellow at Bruegel and a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington to discuss our latest report. Nicolas is extraordinarily-well plugged in to both EU and US policy circles and will be sharing his unique insights and perspective on all things capital […]

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Covid and D&I – Time for radical action

17 September 2020• Driving diversity • Virtual event

At this event in collaboration with Refinitiv, we will launch our latest research looking at how the Covid crisis is catalysing a step change in diversity and inclusion across the financial services industry. We will present the highlights of our findings, followed by a high-level panel discussion with: David Craig, CEO, Refinitiv Birgit Neu, Global […]

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HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter – Annual Review launch event

23 June 2020• Diversity

HM Treasury in collaboration with New Financial present the launch event of the third Annual Review of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter, hosted by the City of London Corporation. This is an opportunity to gain insight into the progress of Charter signatories, celebrate successes, discuss best practice around the principles of the Charter, […]

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The future of EU capital markets post-Brexit with Elisabeth Roegele

18 June 2020• Brexit • Virtual event

For all the focus on coronavirus in the past few months, Brexit has not – of course – gone away. As things stand the UK financial services industry is hurtling towards leaving the transition period at the end of this year with a pretty thin deal. Some of the topics we are likely to discuss during our […]

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Event series: Covid & capital markets

May 2020• Capital markets • Virtual event

How the industry responds to the Covid crisis and how it behaves in the next few weeks and months will define its relationship with government and society for the next decade. *But* it will be vital in the coming months that the industry demonstrates a clear sense of purpose and avoids the mistakes and behaviours that […]

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A perspective from China – The impact of Covid on the D&I agenda with Terecina Kwong and Marina Tong, HSBC Bank China

12 May 2020• Driving diversity • Virtual event

Guest speakers Terecina KWONG, Chief Operating Officer, and Marina Tong, Head of Operations, at HSBC China will share their experience of the Covid crisis from the front line of the bank’s D&I response in China. We will discuss the challenges they have faced and overcome (and are still in the middle of) as well as […]

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Workshop series: The impact of the Covid crisis on D&I

April • Driving diversity • Virtual event

The industry will need to take a close look at what and how it delivers value to broader stakeholders, including employees and the communities in which they operate, adding weight to the existing direction of travel of government, regulators and shareholders towards increasing their focus on ESG, including D&I.   This four part virtual event series […]

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Radical actions – A shift to evidence-based decision making for people

4 March 2020• Diversity • Private breakfast

Companies consist of people and products, yet few firms apply even a fraction of the methodical diligence to their people decisions as they do to developing, launching and maintaining their products and services. People decisions – even the most important ones – often boil down to an individual and their gut instinct. In our forthcoming […]

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How to improve productivity in the real economy by addressing short-termism in the capital markets with Pension Insurance Corporation

27 February 2020• Capital markets • Private breakfast

The breakfast is the latest in the Purpose of Finance initiative on which we are collaborating with Pension Insurance Corporation. We hosted a very successful dinner in October 2019 to discuss a working draft of the paper (I’ve attached a summary of that discussion). This breakfast will focus on concrete and practical recommendations to address […]

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The Bank of England’s approach to diversity

11 February 2020• Diversity • Private breakfast

Over the past six months, the Bank of England has really cranked up its public discourse on the topic of diversity and why it is important to financial services. In a blog post from earlier this year, the Bank’s Governor Mark Carney said: “We value diversity for at least three reasons. First, a public institution […]

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Policy breakfast on the competitiveness of the UK post-Brexit

6 February 2020• Policy • Private breakfast

A private breakfast to discuss ‘In light of Brexit, what can the UK do right now to make the framework for business & financial services as competitive as possible?’ This breakfast will effectively be a brainstorming exercise to feed into a big report we are publishing in a few months on the future of UK […]

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Updating and expanding the business case for diversity

16 January 2020• Radical actions • Private breakfast

At this breakfast roundtable we will discuss our forthcoming thought paper exploring the different ways organisations are changing how they frame the business case, including broadening their understanding of how diversity drives innovation, minimises group think and reduces reputational risk; how different business areas are increasingly involved in delivering diversity; how the business case needs […]

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The future of UK capital markets – with Richard Knox, director of international financial services at HM Treasury

14 January 2020• Capital markets • Private dinner • Richard Knox

With the clock ticking down to Brexit on 31st January, the this dinner will address some of the key questions facing the banking and finance industry in the coming months and years, including: The future of global capital markets and the UK’s potential role The future relationship between the UK and the EU in financial […]

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Social mobility – an FCA case study Q&A – with Clare Cole, Head of department – primary market oversight and FCA social mobility champion

5 December 2019• Driving diversity • Private breakfast • Claire Cole

Social mobility is a top three diversity priority for the FCA. This breakfast is an opportunity to hear from Clare Cole, head of department – primary market oversight and FCA social mobility champion about why and how the regulator is approaching this diversity theme and what they have learned.

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The future of EU capital markets post-Brexit – with Robert Ophèle, chairman of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers

13 November 2019• Brexit • Private dinner • Robert Ophèle

A private dinner with Robert Ophèle, President of the French regulator the Autorité des Marchés Financiers to discuss ‘The future of EU capital markets post-Brexit’. Some of the key topics for discussion will include: The headline French perspective on Brexit from a financial services perspective Brexit relocations and the future of financial centres in the EU […]

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Making the case for diversity data

5 November 2019• Driving diversity • Private breakfast

The financial services industry is all about numbers, yet few firms apply even a fraction of the analytic rigour to their people data compared to their product and market data. In this second event in ourRadical Actions series of ideas we think could radically shift diversity outcomes, we discuss our forthcoming thought paper on why […]

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