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New Financial runs a managed programme of events and publications across a wide range of subjects. Here are the main themes that we cover and which help define how we think about the future of capital markets. It is not an exhaustive or fixed list: please contact us with ideas for topics we might cover in future.

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The future of EU capital markets

We believe Europe needs bigger and better capital markets and that this represents a huge opportunity for the industry and its customers to rethink capital markets.

Rebooting UK capital markets post Brexit

The future of UK banking and finance and the rebooting of domestic capital markets will enable the industry to better support the UK economy; improve international competitiveness of the UK as an international financial centre; and cultivate the potential to develop global cooperation and partnerships.

A reality check on ESG

While green finance in Europe has grown rapidly in recent years, it is still a long way short of the sort of levels required to meet its net zero targets our work drills into the reality of ESG in financial services and highlights some of the challenges ahead.

Driving diversity

Diversity in its broadest sense is an essential part of building a more sustainable business – and of changing culture and rebuilding trust in capital markets.

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