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A reality check on ESG

Roundtable with Toby Nangle to discuss ‘The $1 trillion blind spot for asset managers’

March 2023 • Event • A reality check on ESGby New Financial

A roundtable discussion with Toby Nangle, focussing on his newly launched initiative, ‘Principals with principles’, which puts forward the business case for asset managers to change their approach to managing money for authoritarian states with terrible human rights records. Toby is the former global head of asset allocation at Columbia Threadneedle Investments and has worked […]

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Report – Financing the transition

December 2022 • A reality check on ESGby Christopher Breen

Energy companies require more than $1 trillion per year in ‘transition finance’ to decarbonise their operations and hit their net zero targets by 2050. This report shows that transition finance as it stands is a long way short of raising the required amounts to clean up the energy sector; analyses why transition finance has not taken off in the same way as green finance; and outlines some ideas on how issuers, investors, investment banks, and policymakers can move the dial on transition finance.

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Report: Benchmarking ESG in banking & finance

October 2021 • A reality check on ESGby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Tim Wickenden & Chris Breen

This report measures the penetration of ESG in different sectors of banking and finance around the world and highlights the challenges ahead for the industry.  While there has been significant growth in ESG activity in the past five years, in most sectors it is still a small fraction of the total.  Europe is a long way ahead in most sectors – but the US and Asia are catching up fast.

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