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European banking supervision with Edouard Fernandez-Bollo, ECB

August 2022 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

We are delighted to be hosting Edouard Fernandez-Bollo from the ECB, as our guest speaker to discuss European banking supervision. We expect participants to be a combination of government officials and policymakers from across Europe, and senior executives and policy specialists from across the industry.

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The politics of EU capital markets

August 2022 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

This event, ‘‘The politics of EU capital markets’ marks the launch of our annual benchmarking report on the size, depth and growth potential of EU capital markets. We are delighted to be hosting guest speakers: Alexandra Jour-Schroeder, Deputy director general, DG FISMA Sébastien Raspiller, Assistant secretary for the financial sector, French Treasury Brita Hammar, Deputy […]

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A reality check on green finance

May 2022 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

An event to discuss our report: ‘A reality check on green finance’. The report drills down behind the headline numbers to analyse the growth in green finance in Europe, the sources and different types of green finance, and highlights some of the challenges ahead. We will present the headline findings from the report and discuss […]

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CMU with Marcel Haag, DG FISMA

May 2022 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

At this private event, Marcel Haag, director of horizontal policies at DG FISMA will discuss the future of EU capital markets. In his role, Marcel oversees a range of initiatives that cut across all aspects of capital markets, including: capital markets union, sustainable finance, retail financial services, digital finance and technological innovation. The discussion will be […]

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Report: The Future of UK Banking and Finance

April 2022 • Capital marketsby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Christopher Breen and William Wright

This report outlines an ambitious blueprint for the future of UK banking and finance in three broad areas: rebooting domestic capital markets to enable the industry to better support the UK economy; improving the international competitiveness of the UK as an international financial centre; and mapping the potential role the UK could play in developing global cooperation and partnerships.

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Ukraine, Russia, Westminster – and the City with Edward Lucas

March 2022 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

Edward is the likely next MP for the Cities of London & Westminster (he’s the LibDem candidate) and is a world expert on Ukraine, Russia and ‘Londongrad’. He is a columnist for The Times and former senior editor at The Economist. This is part of our big picture series and will be a fascinating discussion […]

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Report: A new vision for EU capital markets

February 2022 • Capital marketsby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Eivind Friis Hamre & William Wright

This report presents a new vision for EU capital markets and identifies the potential for game-changing growth to support investment, jobs, and sustainable growth.  We estimate that an additional 4,800 companies in the EU27 could raise an extra €535bn per year in the capital markets and that an additional €14tn in long-term capital could be put to work in the EU economy to help support a recovery.

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Report: Benchmarking ESG in banking & finance

October 2021 • Capital marketsby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Tim Wickenden & Chris Breen

This report measures the penetration of ESG in different sectors of banking and finance around the world and highlights the challenges ahead for the industry.  While there has been significant growth in ESG activity in the past five years, in most sectors it is still a small fraction of the total.  Europe is a long way ahead in most sectors – but the US and Asia are catching up fast.

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Report: The future of EU capital markets

September 2021 • Capital marketsby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos, Eivind Friis Hamre and William Wright

This report analyses EU capital markets from the perspective of strategic autonomy. It shows that in most areas of activity the EU falls short and there is a lot of work to be done. Building bigger, better and more integrated capital markets needs to be an urgent strategic priority to develop sufficient domestic capacity to finance the EU economy and support a post-Covid recovery, reduce the EU’s reliance on third countries, and increase its international attractiveness and global influence.

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Report: The wider context on UK public equity markets

January 2021 • Capital marketsby William Wright

One of the biggest challenges and opportunities for UK capital markets is how to reinvigorate the new issue market and to make listing in the UK more attractive to UK and international companies alike. Our latest paper ‘The wider context on UK public equity markets’ is our submission to the UK listings review, being led […]

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Productive investment

December 2020 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

“Water, water, everywhere – nor any drop to drink’: The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner During this event, we will discuss our upcoming paper on ‘Productive investment’. This short paper is the first in a series of papers and events around the theme of ‘rebooting capital markets’ in the UK in the wake of Brexit. […]

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Report: A reality check on capital markets union

November 2020 • Capital marketsby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos and William Wright

This report analyses the development of EU capital markets since the conception of the capital markets union initiative and shows that while steady progress has been made at an overall EU level, growth has been patchy and there is still a lot of work to be done in individual member states.

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Driving growth: how EU capital markets can support a post-Covid recovery with Nicolas Véron

September 2020 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

We’re delighted to be joined by Nicolas Véron, visiting fellow at Bruegel and a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington to discuss our latest report. Nicolas is extraordinarily-well plugged in to both EU and US policy circles and will be sharing his unique insights and perspective on all things capital […]

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Report: the value of capital markets to the UK economy

May 2020 • Capital marketsby William Wright & Eivind Friis Hamre

This report shows that capital markets have a vital role to play in supporting the UK economy through the Covid crisis and driving a recovery.  The report identifies 1,000 large UK companies that use the capital markets to support their day-to-day business, raise capital, or manage their risks. These companies employ nearly six million people in the UK and represent nearly 90% of UK firms with revenues of more than £200m.

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Event series: Covid & capital markets

March 2020 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

How the industry responds to the Covid crisis and how it behaves in the next few weeks and months will define its relationship with government and society for the next decade. *But* it will be vital in the coming months that the industry demonstrates a clear sense of purpose and avoids the mistakes and behaviours that […]

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How to improve productivity in the real economy by addressing short-termism in the capital markets with Pension Insurance Corporation

February 2020 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

The breakfast is the latest in the Purpose of Finance initiative on which we are collaborating with Pension Insurance Corporation. We hosted a very successful dinner in October 2019 to discuss a working draft of the paper (I’ve attached a summary of that discussion). This breakfast will focus on concrete and practical recommendations to address […]

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The future of UK capital markets – with Richard Knox, director of international financial services at HM Treasury

December 2019 • Event • Capital marketsby New Financial

With the clock ticking down to Brexit on 31st January, the this dinner will address some of the key questions facing the banking and finance industry in the coming months and years, including: The future of global capital markets and the UK’s potential role The future relationship between the UK and the EU in financial […]

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Report: A new sense of urgency – the future of capital markets union

November 2019 • Capital marketsby Panagiotis Asimakopoulos and William Wright

This report analyses the progress made by the capital markets union project so far, underlines why Europe needs more capital markets – and why it needs more integrated capital markets. It outlines a more ambitious and more focused roadmap for CMU over the next few decades that combines ‘top down’ initiatives at an EU level and ‘bottom up’ initiatives at a national level to build bigger and better capital markets.

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