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Making markets work better

While capital markets play a valuable role in financing growth, we believe they can and should work better in their basic purpose of capital formation and channelling capital into productive investment. What are the frictions and inefficiencies in different markets that are holding them back? How can different market participants work together to make markets work better? How much of the problem is ‘regulation’, and how much is down to the industry itself?

The purpose of asset management – dinner with Jim Hawley & Jon Lukomnik

February 2018 • Event • Making markets work betterby New Financial

This dinner is the third in our series of events on ‘The Purpose of Finance’ that we are hosting with the support of Pensions Insurance Corporation that will explore the purpose of finance and the purpose of different sectors of the industry, from asset management to stock exchanges, and investment banks to regulators. The overall project is run by […]

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