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Rebuilding trust

In the wake of financial crisis and continued scandals, market participants need to work hard to restore trust in the capital markets with all stakeholders.

The Covid crisis, pay and bonuses – event series

October 2020 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

We think pay and bonuses for 2020 across the industry will be trickier than ever to calculate and could cause significant problems for the industry from a political and PR perspective. This event series involves three separate workshops that will focus on the HR perspective, the political perspective, and the PR & comms perspective. Our […]

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Regulating culture – breakfast with Jonathan Davidson, FCA

February 2018 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

Last week, the FCA published a discussion paper called ‘Transforming Culture in Financial Services’ and hosted a conference on this theme. The FCA has also launched a mission statement on its approach to supervision. This breakfast is an opportunity to gain insight from Jonathan on the FCA’s approach to culture, better understand how the FCA […]

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How (not) to talk about banking and finance – PR & comms breakfast

February 2018 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

If you think that the lack of trust in the banking and finance industry among regulators, policymakers and the wider public will blow over anytime soon then you haven’t been paying attention. Recent evidence – from Jeremy Corbyn’s warning that he’s a threat to the ‘gamblers and speculators’ in the City, to the Brexit debate […]

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Thank you for smoking: the big tobacco approach to lobbying

April 2017 • Rebuilding trustby William Wright

The drill is well-rehearsed: misrepresent, ignore, and avoid. Whether it is Glass-Steagall, bankers bonuses, proprietary trading or capital requirements, the effect is the same. That there is even still a debate over higher levels of capital and lower leverage is testament to the success of the diversionary tactics of the banking lobby over the past five years.

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The challenges for financial markets – summary of a speech by Sir Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor of the Bank of England

December 2016 • Rebuilding trustby Panos Asimakopoulos

Financial markets have grown rapidly over the past few decades boosted by globalisation and the revolution in IT. This growth has been accompanied by increased concentration, with economies of scale, lower costs and greater efficiency, creating larger clusters and financial centres. But somewhere along the way the connection between financial markets and society has been lost: rebuilding trust in banking and finance and dealing with the UK’s exit from the European Union will be the main challenges for the industry for many years to come.

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The role of culture and ethics in financial stability – dinner with Dr Andreas Dombret, Deutsche Bundesbank

October 2016 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

Rethinking the culture in banking and finance is an essential part of restoring trust and stability in the financial system. Dr Andreas Dombret, an executive board member of the Deutsche Bundesbank with more than 20 years’ experience as a senior investment banker, has been a vocal advocate of better culture in the industry and its […]

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Rebuilding trust between regulators and regulated: dinner with Andrea Enria, EBA

February 2016 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

Rebuilding trust in the banking system and between regulators and the organisations they regulate is an essential part of a sustainable recovery in the European banking sector. While progress has been made, there is still work to be done in repairing trust in the banks’ numbers, their future conduct, and their approach to pay and […]

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Swimming with Sharks – dinner with Joris Luyendijk

December 2015 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

Joris Luyendijk, an investigative journalist and anthropologist by training, knew as much about banking as the average person: almost nothing. Bankers, he thought, were ruthless, competitive, bonus-obsessed sharks, irrelevant to his life. And then he was assigned to investigate the financial sector in a series of interviews for The Guradian. Joris immersed himself in the […]

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‘Getting pay right’ – a private dinner & discussion

November 2014 • Event • Rebuilding trustby New Financial

We believe that pay in the asset management and investment banking industries is not just about the numbers. Instead, it is an important barometer of the shifting balance in how the industry thinks about itself in relation to its shareholders, to its clients, to policymakers and to society.This event brings together senior finance and HR […]

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How to make markets fair and effective – Minouche Shafik

November 2014 • Rebuilding trustby Yasmine Chinwala

If you work in the financial markets then you should probably have already read the recent speech by Minouche Shafik – deputy governor of the Bank of England with responsibility for markets and banking – on why markets matter, why the latest scandals are not just the fault of ‘a few bad apples’, and how the industry can apply its collective imagination to help rebuild fair and effective markets. But just in case you haven’t, here is an edited summary.

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Market failure? The two different faces of the IPO market

July 2014 • Research • Rebuilding trustby William Wright

The impressive recovery in IPO volumes over the past six months has been accompanied by less impressive aftermarket performance and poor returns for investors. This points to structural weaknesses in the IPO market that could kill off a sustained recovery in new issues before it even gets going.

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Why is the financial industry so inefficient?

June 2014 • Rebuilding trustby William Wright

Given the technological progress, deregulation and innovation over the past 30 years, you might have expected to see a quantum change in the cost and efficiency of finance. Instead, the cost of financial intermediation has increased – and  market participants have captured most of the gains for themselves.

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FICC is dead. Long live FICC?

June 2014 • Comment & analysis • Rebuilding trustby William Wright

The long, slow decline of the fixed income business has highlighted the inability of most investment banks to adapt their business models to a changing landscape – and raises serious questions for the future of the entire industry.

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Winning the debate on bankers’ pay and bonuses

June 2014 • Comment & analysis • Getting pay rightby William Wright

The question of pay and bonuses at investment banks is an important barometer of how the industry thinks about itself in relation to its shareholders, to its clients, and to society. Until banks start making a more positive case for what they do, they will struggle to defuse – let alone win – the argument.

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David Wright, secretary general of IOSCO, on ‘Rebuilding Trust’

April 2014 • Event • Rebuilding trustby antoine

David Wright has been at the forefront of international policy and regulation in financial services for the past few decades at IOSCO and before that at the European Commission. At this private dinner, he will lead a discussion with senior executives from the capital markets industry exploring how it can rebuild trust with policymakers, regulators and clients.

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