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The role of markets

Report: the impact of capital markets on people’s everyday lives

October 2018 • Ecommerce reports • The role of marketsby William Wright, Christian Benson & Eivind Friis Hamre

This unique report analyses the the impact of capital markets on people’s everyday lives through the lens of the economy in the North West of England. The report shows what goes on in the City of London is far more relevant to the everyday lives of millions of people living in the region than most people in the City or the North West would expect – and we hope that it encourages the industry to think differently about its role and impact.

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Saving capitalism from the capitalists: how to reform crony capitalism – dinner with Sir Paul Marshall, Marshall Wace

February 2018 • Event • The role of marketsby New Financial

One of the many reasons for the ‘crisis in capitalism’ and the breakdown in trust between business, society and politicians is that in many aspects ‘capitalism’ had been distorted by special interests, regulatory capture, and anti-competitive and anti-social behaviour. In order for free market capitalism to flourish, it is vital that it goes back to […]

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The purpose of asset management – dinner with Jim Hawley & Jon Lukomnik

November 2017 • Event • The role of marketsby New Financial

This dinner is the second in our series of events on ‘The Purpose of Finance’ that we are hosting with the support of Pensions Insurance Corporation that will explore the purpose of finance and the purpose of different sectors of the industry, from asset management to stock exchanges, and investment banks to regulators. The overall project is run […]

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The challenges facing financial markets and regulation – dinner with Sir Jon Cunliffe, Bank of England

May 2017 • Event • The role of marketsby New Financial

At this dinner, Sir Jon Cunliffe, the deputy governor for financial stability at the Bank of England, will explore some of the main challenges facing the financial markets – from financial stability and concentration, to technology, Brexit and the social licence of banking and finance – and their implications for regulators and supervisors. He outlined […]

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Purposeful pensions: rethinking the UK pensions and investment industry – dinner with David Pitt-Watson, LBS

March 2017 • Event • The role of marketsby New Financial

At this dinner, David will go back to basics and explore the underlying purpose of the pensions and investment industry, and identify what the industry in the UK might look like if it were redesigned around its customers’ interests and the fundamental aim of providing a reliable income from retirement to death. The discussion will […]

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