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Capital markets: a new sense of urgency – in partnership with the abrdn and Citi

8 August 2023• Rebooting UK capital markets post Brexit • In-person workshop

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This in-person roundtable discussion will focus on our upcoming report that we are producing in partnership with abrdn and Citi, and be an opportunity to discuss the recently announced ‘Mansion House Reforms’. Our paper focuses on the urgency of what we see as a ‘parallel crisis’ in the UK:

• A crisis in pensions: the structure of the UK pensions system is driving unintended behaviours and storing up trouble in terms of future pensions provision for millions of individuals.

• A crisis in capital markets: the related structural decline in UK capital markets over the past few decades that has now reached a crisis point.

This will be a wide-ranging and open-ended discussion looking at the urgent need for more structural reform of UK pensions and capital markets to help drive prosperity for companies, communities, and individuals in every corner of the UK and unlock more long-term investment in the UK and

We expect the participants will be a combination of those that work in government, public, and regulatory affairs.

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