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At the heart of New Financial is a managed programme of private dinners, briefings and workshops. We provide a private forum for senior individuals with different perspectives from across the industry – investors, issuers, banks, and government – to work together to address common challenges.

The evolving role of the D&I function

10 October 2019• Driving diversity • Private breakfast

The diversity and inclusion landscape has shifted significantly, with diversity and inclusion itself becoming a boom industry. However, this professionalisation of D&I has not (yet) translated into significant change across the financial services industry. We ask: why? And what needs to be done differently to drive improvement, and quickly? This is the first event in […]

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The future of capital markets in Europe – private dinner with Richard Knox

8 October 2019• Brexit • Private Dinner • Richard Knox

With the clock ticking down to Brexit on 31st October, this dinner will address some of the key questions facing the banking and finance industry in the coming months and years, including: The future of global capital markets and the UK’s potential role The future relationship between the UK and the EU in financial services […]

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Diversity in the footsteps of ESG

25 September 2019• Driving diversity • Private breakfast

Diversity and ESG are evolving from a ‘nice-to-have’ to a strategic imperative for business and finance. At this roundtable we will discuss our forthcoming thought paper looking at why, where and how diversity is following in the trajectory of ESG both as an investment theme and how it is integrated into how business is run […]

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The future of EU capital markets post-Brexit – private dinner with Burkhard Balz

24 September 2019• Brexit • Private Dinner • Burkhard Balz

This dinner continues our series of events with European policymakers to discuss the different EU perspectives on the future of capital markets post-Brexit. Burkhard Balz is a member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank. From 2009 until 2018, he served as Member of the European Parliament and was an active member of the […]

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Pitchforks & populism – private dinner with Professor Matthew Goodwin

11 September 2019• Making a better case for capital markets • Private Dinner • Professor Matthew Goodwin

Over the past decade, politics around the world has been turned on its head by the rise of populism, a collapse in trust in the traditional social and political order, and a growing ‘crisis of capitalism’. Elites in western democracies have struggled to understand and respond to what has been driving this fundamental shift, often […]

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The Class Ceiling: Why it Pays to be Privileged – Sam Friedman book launch

20 June 2019• Driving diversity • Private Breakfast

We are excited to be hosting Sam Friedman, an Associate Professor in Sociology at the London School of Economics, to talk about his latest research and new book demonstrating the existence of a powerful class pay gap, as well as exploring the complex barriers to career progression for those from less privileged backgrounds. https://www.classceiling.org/  

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Unconscious Bias training – making a greater impact

4 June 2019• Driving diversity • Private Breakfast

Rolling out unconscious bias training is a top three (if not the top) action point according to our research on the Women in Finance Charter and Gender Pay Gap reporting. But how effective are unconscious bias training programmes?  Recent reports from Harvard Business Review and Government Equalities Office reports questioning their impact. This breakfast is […]

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European financial stability – private breakfast with Juan Solé

23 May 2019• Making a better case for capital markets • Private Breakfast • Juan Solé

This private breakfast with Juan Solé, senior London representative in the IMF’s markets division, will focus on European financial stability in light of the latest IMF global financial stability report due to be published in a few weeks. Juan and his team ran the analysis and wrote the European section of the report, and this […]

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Diversity and culture in pay

21 May 2019• Driving diversity • Private Dinner

Pay is the ultimate incentive for financial services. How are companies bringing diversity and culture criteria into how staff get paid? We know that the linking gender diversity targets to pay is the most controversial of the four principles of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter, so how are the mechanisms for incorporating these […]

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Growing a culture of social impact investing – dinner with Elizabeth Corley

14 May 2019• Making markets work better • Private Dinner • Elizabeth Corley

This private dinner with Elizabeth Corley, Senior Advisor at Allianz Global Investors, will focus on discussing the work of the implementation taskforce on growing a culture of social impact investing in the UK. The taskforce was commissioned by the Prime Minister in March last year to drive forward the recommendations that an advisory group led […]

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Diversity and Risk

30 April 2019• Driving diversity • Private Breakfast

Diversity is increasingly mentioned as a means to reduce or mitigate risk – risks such as access to potential talent; incremental competitive advantages in winning new business; minimising legal, cultural, behavioural and reputational risk; and applying cognitive diversity to improve financial performance and minimise financial risk. But what does that mean in practice? This breakfast […]

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‘The Bank That Lived a Little: Barclays in the Age of the Very Free Market’ – dinner with Philip Augar

9 April 2017• Unlocking capital markets • Private Dinner • Philip Augar

This event’s focus will be Philip’s fascinating recent book ‘The Bank That Lived a Little: Barclays in the Age of the Very Free Market’. The book is a parable of global finance and markets over the past 40 years as viewed through the lens of the transformation of Barclays from the 1980s onwards from a UK […]

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HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter – Annual Review launch event

14 March 2019• Driving diversity • Launch event

HM Treasury in collaboration with New Financial present the launch event of the second Annual Review of the HM Treasury Women in Finance Charter, hosted by the City of London Corporation. This is an opportunity to gain insight into the progress of Charter signatories, celebrate successes, discuss best practice around the principles of the Charter, […]

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The purpose of stock exchanges

27 February 2019• Unlocking capital markets • Private Dinner

A high-level dinner to discuss the working draft of our upcoming paper on ‘The purpose of stock exchanges’. The paper tries to reconcile the huge increases in liquidity and efficiency of equity markets over the past few decades with a structural decline in new issuance and the number of listed companies – and includes some […]

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Diversity & Culture breakfast

28 February 2019• Driving diversity • Private Breakfast

While culture and diversity have moved up the agenda of the financial services industry for similar reasons, most firms treat them as distinct issues with discrete initiatives and separate reporting lines. Our analysis finds diversity and culture are closely interconnected and that a more holistic approach to both would yield better – and faster – […]

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‘Adam Smith: what he thought and why it matters’ – breakfast with Jesse Norman MP

7 February 2019• Unlocking capital markets • Breakfast • Jesse Norman MP

This event’s focus will be Jesse Norman’s fascinating recent book on ‘Adam Smith: what he thought and why it matters’. In the context of debate over the ‘crisis of capitalism’, this will be one of the most interesting and challenging discussions that we host this year and we have invited a senior and wide-ranging audience […]

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‘Brexit & financial services: the Luxembourg perspective’ – breakfast with His Excellency Jean Olinger, Luxembourg’s Ambassador to the UK

22 January 2019• Brexit • Private Breakfast • His Excellency Jean Olinger, Luxembourg's Ambassador to the UK

Luxembourg may have a population smaller than Birmingham (with just 600,000) but it is at the heart of the EU and a key international financial centre for funds, private banking and insurance. It has been actively pitching to win business forced to relocate from the UK as a result of Brexit. Ambassador Olinger will lead […]

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‘The impact of capital markets on people’s everyday lives’ – breakfast with Jes Staley

15 January 2019• Unlocking capital markets • Private Breakfast • Jes Staley

Jes Staley, group chief executive at Barclays, will discuss the implications of our recent report on The Impact of Capital Markets on People’s Everyday Lives, as viewed through the lens of the economy of the North West of England (in case you missed it, you can download the report here).  Jes will talk about why politicians, […]

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New Financial event series with Wendy Garcia, Chief Diversity Officer, New York City Comptroller

26 November 2018• Driving diversity • Various • Wendy Garcia

We interviewed Wendy for our groundbreaking 2017 research, Diversity from an Investor’s Perspective, and are very excited to be hosting her for an event series with New Financial members. Wendy is fiercely passionate about the importance of diversity to everyday business, economic development and wider society, and has a broad view of the diversity agenda […]

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‘The politics of Brexit: the Polish perspective’ – breakfast with His Excellency Arkady Rzegocki, the Polish Ambassador to the UK

14 November 2018• Brexit • Private Breakfast • His Excellency Arkady Rzegocki, the Polish Ambassador to the UK

This breakfast event is part of our series on the European perspectives on Brexit that has included recent discussions with the Belgian, Swiss and Dutch Ambassadors, and senior policymakers from BaFin and the Bundesbank. In the next few months we’ll be hosting the Central Bank of Ireland, the Luxembourg Ambassador, and the French Treasury. Poland […]

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‘Brexit: the future of regulation & the future of the City’ – dinner with Nicky Morgan MP

23 October 2018• Brexit • Private Dinner • Nicky Morgan

As the UK enters the final stages of the Brexit negotiations, we are delighted to welcome Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough and chair of the Treasury Select Committee, to share her perspectives on ‘Brexit: the future of regulation & the future of the City’. As a prominent ‘Brexit rebel’ and former Treasury minister, Nicky has a […]

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‘Brexit: the view from Brussels’ – breakfast with Kay Swinburne MEP

16 October 2018• Brexit • Private Breakfast • Kay Swinburne MEP

This is the latest in our series of Brexit events focusing on the perspective of the rest of the EU. With the clock ticking on the final stages of the Brexit negotiations with the EU, we are delighted to welcome back Kay Swinburne MEP to discuss  ‘Brexit: the view from Brussels’. The discussion will focus […]

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‘How efficient is the European finance industry?’ – dinner with Dr Guillaume Bazot

10 October 2018• The Purpose of Finance • Private Dinner • Guillaume Bazot

This dinner will discuss a challenging new paper by Dr Guillaume Bazot, a French academic at the University of Paris VIII, on ‘How efficient is the European financial industry?’. The paper is part of The Purpose Finance initiative on which New Financial is collaborating with David Pitt-Watson, fellow in finance at Cambridge University, and Pension Insurance […]

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Diversity from a Regulator’s Perspective – breakfast with Julia Hoggett

9 October 2018• Driving diversity • Private Breakfast • Julia Hoggett

At this breakfast with Julia Hoggett, director of market oversight at the Financial Conduct Authority, we will discuss why and how diversity is being incorporated into regulatory discussions. Julia joined the FCA from Bank of America Merrill Lynch where she was managing director, responsible for a range of debt capital markets products including European Commercial […]

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Breakfast launch of Diversity in Portfolio Management research, in collaboration with the Diversity Project

24 September 2018• Driving diversity • Private breakfast

Our latest research looks at the asset management sector, and specifically portfolio managers, to better understand the barriers to progression for women and people of diverse backgrounds and offer a menu of ideas from asset management companies to tackle those barriers, in order to encourage a shift in thinking from lowest common denominator to best-in-class […]

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