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What’s on your mind: a busy year ahead in EU capital markets

11 January 2024• The future of EU capital markets • Workshop

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An in-person policy workshop and afternoon tea hosted by New Financial to discuss ‘What’s on your mind: a busy year ahead in EU capital markets’.

The focus of this event will be to discuss key themes in European capital markets policy and regulation in the year ahead including:

• The impact of the European elections and a new European Commission (plus elections in the UK and US…)
• The last few months of the current legislative programme
• CMU 3.0 and the Eurogroup’s work on capital markets
• Rethinking ESG and sustainable finance?
• The prospects for closer cooperation between the UK and EU

We expect guests will be policy and government affairs specialists from across the industry.

New Financial events are by invitation only – for more information please contact: events@newfinancial.org

Location: 1 Duchess St, London, W1W 6AN

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