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Capital markets union: next steps

17 November 2015• Unlocking capital markets • Breakfast • Niall Bohan - European Commission

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Capital markets union is one of the flagship projects for the European Commission. It aims to identify and reduce the barriers in Europe that are holding capital markets back. Specifically, it aims to increase the range and flow of funding to companies and infrastructure projects that need capital, to widen the range of opportunities for investors, and to ensure that an appropriate regulatory framework is in place.

The European Commission published its action plan for capital markets union in September 2015. It is an ambitious project with more than 30 separate proposals over the next three years.

This breakfast discussion with Niall Bohan, head of unit for capital markets union at the European Commission will address some of the following topics:

 – What has been the response to the CMU action plan?

– What are the immediate priorities for CMU over the next few months?

– Which parts of the CMU action could face the biggest challenges?

– Has the Commission bitten off more than it can chew?

– How can the Commission make the case for CMU to those countries with less developed markets that stand most to gain?

– Does the rest of the European institutional and regulatory framework have the capacity to deal with CMU? (ref the recommended delay to Mifid 2)

– What does success look like for CMU?

– How will CMU sit within the proposed review of the cumulative impact of post-crisis reform?

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Location: Royal Over-seas League

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