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Diversity breakfast: creating a culture of self-reporting – with Simon Fillery, Bank of England

25 April 2017• Driving diversity • Diversity breakfast • Simon Fillery, Bank of England

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The Bank of England has been working hard to encourage staff to share information on diversity characteristics, including sexuality, disability, gender, ethnicity, carer status and religion. According to the Bank’s 2016 annual report, more than 80% of staff are comfortable about sharing their diversity data, LGBT disclosure has increased to 2.5% from 2%, disability disclosure has risen to 3% from 1.9%, and the Bank is doing more work around the openness and transparency of internal communications. Simon will discuss his efforts to create a story of inclusion at the Bank, what communications and incentivising strategies have worked to increase rates of self-declaration, overcoming the common areas of pushback to self-reporting, and how the Bank is seeking to expand its staff questionnaire.

This breakfast is an opportunity to gain insight from Simon on his work around creating a culture of self-reporting, and put your questions to him as well as your peers.



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Location: 23 Grafton Street

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